No vaccine has ever been tested for carcinogenicity (causing cancer) mutigenicity (damaging DNA) or impairment of fertility (fetal harm).
No vaccine has ever been tested against an inert placebo in a control group. Safety studies without an inert control is how manufacturers hide the harm.

This website contains parental reports of injury/death from the CDC childhood vaccine schedule pre-Covid.
To see the injury/death from Covid shots see (over 1 million "excess" deaths in the US alone)
To see the newest stories being collected now on the Vax-unVax tour, see Childrens Health Defense

Death and Disability from the HPV Vaccine


Over 418 Deaths Following Gardasil Reported to Vaccine Adverse Events Database

"Gardasil will become the greatest medical scandal of all times" according to Dr Bernard Dalbergue who worked for Merck. "The evidence will add up to prove that this vaccine, technical and scientific feat that it may be, has absolutely no effect on cervical cancer and that all the very many adverse effects which destroy lives and even kill, serve no other purpose than to generate profit for Merck." And he is not the only doctor who has gone public with warnings. More

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System shows the following adverse reactions to Gardasil (as of April 2018):
Deaths 419
Disabled 2,634
Did Not Recover 11,507
Abnormal Pap Smear 648
Cervical Dysplasia 304
Cervical Cancer 135
Life-Threatening 1,703
Admitted to Emergency Room 15,278
Hospitalized 5,710
Extended Hospital Stay 429
Serious Adverse Events 8,343
Total Adverse Events 57,287

Note: VAERS is a voluntary reporting system with typically only 1% of injuries being reported because doctors don't like to admit that a procedure they performed caused such signifant harm, and because the pharmaceutical sales-rep told them it was "safe." So, the real injury/death figures could be 100x greater than those shown above. 

A recent paper in the journal Molecular Cytogenetics indicates that HPV is not the cause of cervical cancer. Read the analysis by Norma Erickson and Peter H. Duesberg, PhD

Articles on HPV Gardasil Vaccination

Gardasil Adverse Event Data Collected by the WHO:

Blood and lymphatic system disorders (2035) Cardiac disorders (2604) Congenital, familial and genetic disorders (286) Ear and labyrinth disorders (1875) Endocrine disorders (386) Eye disorders (5125) Gastrointestinal disorders (16017) General disorders and administration site conditions (46982) Hepatobiliary disorders (264) Immune system disorders (1884) Infections and infestations (4795) Injury, poisoning and procedural complications (13874) Investigations (13103) Metabolism and nutrition disorders (1857) Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders (14814) Neoplasms benign, malignant and unspecified (incl cysts and polyps) (1079) Nervous system disorders (38857) Pregnancy, puerperium and perinatal conditions (1180) Product issues (145) Psychiatric disorders (5402) Renal and urinary disorders (1183) Reproductive system and breast disorders (3267) Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders (6060) Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders (14960) Social circumstances (2014) Surgical and medical procedures (2264) Vascular disorders (5766)

Source: The World Health Organization's global database for adverse drug reactions (ADRs), collected by national drug authorities in over 110 countries.

Total Devistation of Fornerly Healthy Son and Daughter After Gardasil

After getting the Gardasil vaccine, my friends daughter went from happy girl --a popular cheerleader-- with a wonderful boyfriend to extremely suicidal within six months. She has tried several times and has even been institutionalized! 

Her brother began to get sick the day after the shot and has been completely disabled. He went from athletic straight-A genius to bedridden High School dropout who might not even live to 30 because this has been so devastating to his health! 

I tried to talk to their Mom about doctors who could help them but apparently the cover up is working so well, they are just letting their doctors poison them further! -Anonynous Mom

Mother of Gardasil-Damaged Girl Demands Accountability From Doctors

Autumn is on two homeopathic remedies, she is drinking Fiji water to help detox the Aluminum. She is off all pharmaceutical medications as of two weeks ago and she is taking supplements although there is no way of knowing what she is getting because her body doesn't absorb nutrients properly and she is constantly vomiting. She is showing remarkable improvements socially, emotionally, but still no change in her physical symptoms. Her nausea is worse than ever, she is vomiting all solid food including Thanksgiving dinner, and her esophagus hurts/burns around the clock. Her entire body hurts, right now her knees are an issue, and she is complaining of headaches more than usual along with countless other symptoms that come and go. I am about to lose it here because the damage being done to her 16 y/o body is massive, and we only get one esophagus so things are at a critical point here. I will not even entertain the idea of feeding tubes. That is not an option and I don't care to what lengths I have to go to, someone is going to hear me soon before this gets any worse. Someone is going to hear me and they are going to fix this situation that has gone on entirely too long. It is not ok to tell a mom a vaccination to protect her daughter against cervical cancer is completely safe and then it completely destroys her autonomic nervous system which is responsible for keeping us alive, and no one has anything to say about it. No one has a clue as to what to even say to me, the blank stares and shoulder shrugs are not going to cut it here. I don't care how "RARE" it is, modern medicine has shattered my child's health and someone in modern medicine or the government, or Merck is going to answer for it. This is child abuse, injecting a 70lb eleven y/o little girl in perfect health with some science experiment in a syringe leaving her unable to ever eat again, leaving her body broken, and sentencing her to a lifetime stomach virus and physical pain is child abuse. THIS IS NOT SOME SMALL MISTAKE, THIS IS CRIMINAL AND SOMEONE IS GOING TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! YOU ONLY GET ONE LIFE, ONE BODY! When a crime is committed, an investigation is conducted, and someone is held accountable. I am waiting, and I am not going anywhere. -Alicia Davis Boone

Colombian Doctors Threatened Mafia-Style to Not Report Vaccine-Injury

I learned that in Colombia, doctors are required to vaccinate. If they suggest otherwise, the doctor can be charged with child abuse and child endangerment, and they are threatened with going to jail. There are apparently ways around this indictment, but the threat is very real. One physician told the following story:

"I reported a girl had a serious reaction to the Gardasil vaccine. Reporting reactions are required so I didn't think anything about it. The next day, the Vice President of Merck for South America and Vice President for Merck for Colombia showed up in my office with FOUR bodyguards and an attorney. They were there to force me to retract my report of the side effect. I refused and after a long discussion, they finally left. 

"In another city, a neurologist called me and asked me to help in the treatment of another girl who had been seriously affected by the Gardasil vaccine. I was able to offer suggestions using Functional Medicine and homeopathy. A few days later, the neurologist called me to say he could no longer accept my help and was forbidden to speak to me again. The hospital had threatened to fire him if he continued to treat this girl for a vaccine injury since there is no such thing. Both of these events were very disturbing to me. Not only do they deny that the vaccine causes harm, the apparently do not want those who have been injured to get well." Source: Dr Sheri Tenpenny

See also Hundreds of girls in Colombian town sick after taking Gardasil vaccine

Legal Precedent In Colombia: Landmark Decision For HPV Vaccine Survivor

A 15-year-old girl began to suffer symptoms in March 2014 after administration of the second dose of Gardasil, supplied by the Government to prevent HPV infections. The girl still suffers leg pain, chest pain, headaches, difficulty breathing, numbness in her legs and fainting followed by waking without knowledge of where she is or the ability to recognize those around her.

Attorney Leon Del Rio’s client in this case is one of hundreds of girls reporting ‘mysterious’ symptoms beginning shortly after receiving the second injection of Gardasil.

This teen, who now has a newborn daughter of her own, is the recipient of the first judgment issued by any High Court in the country in a case regarding complications occurring after HPV vaccination. 

According to Attorney Leon Del Rio, this judgment indicates a high level of concern for the citizens of Bolivar and the number of children who suffer serious health complications which may very well be a result of the use of HPV vaccines.

Monica Leon Del Rio is no stranger to the HPV vaccine controversy. She is the mother of a young woman who experienced paralysis and some medical dysfunctions after the administration of HPV vaccine in January 2013. Her family’s experience prompted this Barranquilla-born lawyer to dedicate herself to making sure other children who have been similarly affected after Gardasil injections are properly cared for.

She is currently representing at least 50 other girls from El Carmen de Bolivar who are exhibiting new medical conditions after using HPV vaccines. Her mission is to ensure survivors of HPV vaccinations receive proper medical diagnosis and treatment.

Full Story on Natural Blaze

Zeda's Mom Recounts the Decline of Her Daughter After Gardasil Shots

Vaccine injury impacts family, friends, and everyone around the person who got the shot. Think of Amy, a single mother with 4 children, one of whom is now completely disabled after receiving Gardasil. "I'm a single mother of four children, 2 boys and 2 girls.  Before my oldest daughter Zeda got sick, we had a normal life. I worked a full-time job. 13 year old Zeda was a cheerleader and straight-A student. She was also a big help to me with my other children." Read the full story at SaneVax: Zeda's Mom Recounts Her Daughter's Decline

University of British Columbia Study: HPV Vaccine Policy and Evidence-Based Medicine: Are They at Odds? 

"At present there are no signifcant data showing that either Gardasil or Cervarix (GlaxoSmithKline) can prevent any type of cervical cancer since the testing period employed was too short to evaluate long-term benefts of HPV vaccination." Source: Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine policy and evidence-based medicine: Are they at odds?

In California, a 12 y/o can Consent to Certain Vaccines w/o Parental Consent

Although there are exemption forms that parents can submit, there have been cases where a school nurse has vaccinated a child contrary to the expressed parental instructions that the child not be vaccinated. California has passed a law declaring that a 12 year old can consent to vaccinations for sexually transitted diseases without parental consent or notification. This sets up the scenario where a class of impressionable children are shown a video about the horrors of STDs, and how all the popular kids get vaccinated. After the video, the school nurse comes in and says, "You don't need to tell your parents about this, but we're all going to get vaccinated now, so just sign your name on this form." If the child subsequently dies or exhibits other symptoms of vaccine injury, the parent and their pediatrician will not even be aware of the vaccinations and so the injury may not be properly diagnosed. Also, the statistics on vaccine injury will remain artificially low due to underreporting. For more on this, see the video "Wake-up Call for Parents: Your Children Are Being Taken." Note that Merck paid $39,500 in campaign contributions to congressmen/women prior to their vote on this bill.

Premature Ovarian Failure Following Gardasil Vaccination, Sisters Say

Eleven months after a federal court in Washington, D.C. heard a claim from Mount Horeb sisters that [Gardasil] caused their ovaries to stop producing eggs, it is not clear when the court will issue a ruling. 

In November, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a special court that evaluates claims of harm from vaccines, heard the claim by Madelyne Meylor, 21, and Olivia Meylor, 20. The women were diagnosed with premature ovarian failure at age 16, shortly after getting three doses of the vaccine Gardasil, which is recommended for girls and boys ages 11 and 12 to protect against cervical cancer, throat cancer, genital warts and other conditions. The hearing was continued in February and attorneys filed briefs through April, said Mark Krueger, the Baraboo attorney representing the Meylors. 

Krueger said he had expected a decision by now. But he has filed about a dozen other cases and is reviewing another dozen claims of injuries from the HPV vaccine, most involving ovarian failure but some including paralysis, blindness and death. 

The court could be gathering information on all of the ovarian failure cases before it rules in the Meylor case, Krueger said. 

The vaccine injury program has awarded at least $5.9 million for HPV vaccine injuries in 71 cases, according to the federal government and Judicial Watch, a nonpartisan foundation. The program has dismissed 80 claims, and 101 claims are pending. About 25,000 adverse reactions from the HPV vaccine were reported nationally from June 2006 to March 2014, a period in which 67 million doses were distributed, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Source: Wisconsin State Journal

Gardasil Side-effects include sterility, death. Validity of Trials in Question.

Gardsil was only tested for 6 months (instead of the usual 4 years) and was then fast-tracked by the FDA at which time, Merck stopped testing and began to market it. There is no proof that Gardasil or Cervarix prevents HPV*, however it is know to exacerbate existing HPV infections. A known side-effect is sterility. Another side-effect is death. Serious allegations against the Gardasil and Cerverix vaccine trials affecting thousands of girls have been accepted by the Supreme Court of India. Some of the girls died. Some suffered serious adverse effects. Some of the girls developed autoimmune diseases that will require lifelong care. The manufacturers themselves acknowledged adverse events such as anaphylactic shock, seizures and paralysis, motor neuron disease, blood clots, eye, ear and vascular problems and even death, and problems affecting the nervous system, the immune system, the musculoskeletal system, the blood and lymphatic system, the respiratory system, the gastrointestinal system and the vascular system. In the PATH project, these adverse events were grossly under-reported and hidden. Records were falsified. Deaths that took place were stated as having nothing to do with the administering of the vaccines and were described as deaths due to suicides, insecticide poisoning and snake bites. Full story at

Gardasil: The Decision We Will Always Regret -7 Years Later (Katie Robinson)

Katie’s earliest symptoms were a constant headache or migraine that did not respond to pain relievers, stabbing 24/7 bilateral ear pain, fatigue not relieved by sleep, abdominal pain, nausea and joint pain.  We called and visited her pediatrician repeatedly.  We began taking Katie to specialists including Neurologists, ENT’s, GI, and an OBGYN and made several visits to the Emergency Room.  Katie also received many blood tests, CAT scans and an MRI.  Nothing any of the doctors did relieved Katie’s symptoms.  As a matter of fact, the drugs prescribed to alleviate her symptoms only made her feel worse.  Our pediatrician and other doctors involved with Katie’s care began suggesting that her illness was psychosomatic and recommended that we take her to a psychologist.  We soon found that we were on our own, dealing with a medical issue we did not understand but trying desperately to help our daughter.

Katie’s list of symptoms included the following:  24/7 headaches and migraines, 24/7 stabbing ear pain, hyperacusis, fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea, all over joint pain, constant sore throat, visual disturbances, light sensitivity, cognitive issues such as memory and severe comprehension problems, random numbness and tingling, weird “bug crawling” skin sensations, generalized weakness throughout her body (it was difficult for Katie to just sit in the shower to bathe), dizziness, fainting and heart palpitations.  She slept long hours and stayed in her bedroom shielding herself from the noise of everyday living. More

Study: Autonomic Dysfunction and HPV Immunization: an Overview

This article reviews the case series reported from several countries describing patients with suspected severe side effects to the HPV vaccines. The described symptom clusters are remarkably similar and include disabling fatigue, headache, widespread pain, fainting, gastrointestinal dysmotility, limb weakness, memory impairment episodes of altered awareness, and abnormal movements. This constellation of symptoms and signs has been labeled with different diagnoses such as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), small fiber neuropathy (SFN), myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), or fibromyalgia. It is known that autoimmunity and autoantibodies are present in a subset of patients with CRPS, POTS, SFN, ME/CFS, and fibromyalgia. This article proposes that vaccine-triggered, immune-mediated autonomic dysfunction could lead to the development of de novo post-HPV vaccination syndrome possibly in genetically susceptible individuals. More

FDA Approved Gardasil 9: Malfeasance or Stupidity?

Dec 10, 2014: The FDA approved the use of a reportedly ’new and improved’ version of Gardasil, which will be marketed as Gardasil 9. According to the FDA approval letter, this action was taken without consultation with VRBPAC (the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee) which is responsible for reviewing and evaluating data concerning the safety, effectiveness, and appropriate use of vaccines and related biological products.

The FDA approval letter, signed by Marion Gruber, Director of Office of Vaccines Research and Review CBER,  states the reason for bypassing the advice of VRBPAC writing: More

Girls Killed or Disabled by Gardasil

Award Winning Documentary: Sacrificial Virgins

From Denmark: The Vaccinated Girls: Sick and Betrayed

Did a Trip to the Doctor Kill a Healthy 12-Year-old Girl?

Meredith Prohaska was an active, fun-loving 12-year-old girl one minute. A few hours later -- she was unresponsive on the floor. In between that time, there was a trip to the doctor -- and now, Prohaska's family wonders if that's what killed her.

"I'm a tough guy. I can take a beating -- but this has ripped a hole in my heart," Prohaska's father, Mark Prohaska said.

Prohaska is describes as a girl who loved to be active -- swimming and playing basketball while in sixth grade at Butler Middle School. She loved to take part in activities at Horeb Springs Park.

"Vibrant. Full of life. She was our sunshine. Everywhere I go, everything I do -- I see her," Rebecca Prohaska said.

That's where a FOX6 News crew met her mother on Thursday, August 7th to talk about the young girl's unexpected death of July 30th.

Rebecca Prohaska took her daughter to the doctor for a sore throat. While they were there, "She got her first HPV vaccine at around 10:30, 11 o'clock that morning."

At some point, Rebecca Prohaska says she remembers getting a handout about possible side effects. "Thirty minutes later she was trying to sleep. I kept waking her up,"

By 3:30 that afternoon, Rebecca Prohaska went out for a half-hour to get food. "I came back and I found her on the floor."

Rebecca Prohaska, a 14-year veteran EMT for the National Guard, performed CPR after calling 911.

Meredith Prohaska was pronounced dead at the hospital. No one could say why. "It was the hardest thing when they called and said they don't know. There was no reason. She was the healthiest 12-year-old," Rebecca Prohaska said.

Rebecca Prohaska remembers a rare potential side effect of the HPV vaccine --an allergic reaction--, but Meredith's autopsy report rules her cause of death as inconclusive. "The only thing different about that day was that shot. I wish I would've known more about it before I agreed to it." 

"It has to be that vaccine," Mark Prohaska said.

The Prohaskas have donated Meredith's organs and tissue so others can live a healthier life.

While her family waits for more tests, hoping for answers, they have a message for others. "Be aware of every possible side effect; and make sure you're hugging them all the time because you never know when you're just going to be left with pictures," Rebecca Prohaska said. More

PubMed: Adverse Events Following Immunization With Vaccines Containing Adjuvants

"Vaccines containing adjuvants may be associated with an increased risk of autoimmune/inflammatory adverse events following immunization."

"A traditional infectious disease vaccine is a preparation of live attenuated, inactivated or killed pathogen that stimulates immunity. Vaccine immunologic adjuvants are compounds incorporated into vaccines to enhance immunogenicity. Adjuvants have recently been implicated in the new syndrome named ASIA autoimmune/inflammatory syndrome induced by adjuvants. The objective describes the frequencies of post-vaccination clinical syndrome induced by adjuvants. We performed a cross-sectional study; adverse event following immunization was defined as any untoward medical occurrence that follows immunization 54 days prior to the event."

"The most frequent clinical findings were pyrexia 68%, arthralgias 47%, cutaneous disorders 33%, muscle weakness 16% and myalgias 14%. Three patients had diagnosis of Guillain-Barre syndrome, one patient had Adult-Still's disease 3 days after vaccination. A total of 76% of the events occurred in the first 3 days post-vaccination. Two patients with previous autoimmune disease showed severe adverse reactions with the reactivation of their illness. Minor local reactions were present in 49% of patients."

Study on PubMed

Lowered Fertility in Females aged 25-29 Following HPV Vaccination

Birth rates per 1,000 females aged 25-29 fell from 118 in 2007 to 105 in 2015. One factor may involve the vaccination against the human papillomavirus. Shortly after the vaccine was licensed, several reports of recipients experiencing primary ovarian failure emerged. This study analyzed information gathered in National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which represented 8 million 25-to-29-year-old women residing in the United States between 2007 and 2014.

Approximately 60% of women who did not receive the HPV vaccine had been pregnant at least once, whereas only 35% of women who were exposed to the vaccine had conceived. For married women, 75% who did not receive the shot were found to conceive, while only 50% who received the vaccine had ever been pregnant.

Study on PubMed

I Almost Died Twice From the HPV Shot.  My Story, Including Mono, POTS, and Chronic Migraines

February 1- Today marks one year since I made one decision that turned out to be the worst decision I’ve ever made. Getting the HPV vaccine ruined my life. I have not been the same since. 24 hours after I got the vaccine I started breaking out in hives and my throat was closing up. I've broken out in hives 3 times and almost died twice from my throat closing up and high fevers. I’ve had over 15 trips to the hospital and been hospitalized 3 times.

I've had doctors tell me they didn’t know what was going on with me and that I’m lucky to be alive. I’ve had mononucleosis, 2 sinus Infections, Flu A, Flu B, and bronchitis from how terrible my immune system has become. I had surgery to get my tonsils and adenoids removed. I’ve lost over 15 pounds. I’ve seen over 10 doctors. I had one tell me it was all in my head.

I’ve missed months of school and I missed last years prom. I’ve lost friends. I was in the hospital on Easter. I’ve had over 20 IV’s. I’ve been in pain every single day. It’s been one year since I’ve been healthy. After a few months of being very sick I was then diagnosed with POTS and chronic migraines. You can get POTS after a bad infection.

I did have a few doctors agree that the vaccine caused this and I have a vaccine attorney that agreed to take my case. Please do your research on this vaccine. There’s no known cases that it actually stopped someone from getting HPV. Getting HPV can be treated, but what’s happened to me and many other people, is not treatable! People have died from this shot!

Getting the vaccine is a gamble, and personally I think the risks outweigh the benefits. Please share for awareness. I’m extremely thankful for the people who have stayed by my side and have helped me. I couldn’t of done it without them. I’m working everyday to get back to the life I once had. I made a YouTube video explaining everything in a lot more depth. See story w/ photos on Facebook:

Story with Photos -Makaylah Kelly

"The side effects are underreported by medical personnel, while there are a growing number of parents suing manufacturers and governments for inducing lifelong handicaps, even death, of their loved ones. In fact, this is the tragic example of various segments of our society, worldwide, placing economic interests before the health and protection of our younger generation. I congratulate the authors of this book, [The HPV Vaccine on Trial] who are showing the world this scandal." -Nobel prize winner Luc Montagnier, MD

"Brain on Fire" after Vaccination

An anonymous UK nurse has reported that a large number of perfectly normal, healthy girls have been admitted into psychiatric wards, strapped down, and drugged, after a recent HPV vaccination. It's due to an autoimmune condition triggered by the vaccine which attacks the brain, but doctors initially assume they are mentally ill, and possibly a threat to themselves or others.

The condition is called anti-NMDA receptor autoimmune encephalitis or "AE" for short, and has also been reported after TDaP vaccination. "Brain on Fire" is how many girls describe the pain. Thanks to one exceptional doctor, author Suzannah Cahalan was able to survive the nightmare and write about it. The official position that "AE" is "rare" is countered by the UK report and that there is already an organization, The AE Alliance, to support families affected by this "disease." See this parental account of a daughter's AE after Cervarix vaccination.

Susannah Cahalan's 2019 book on Psychiatry

Cardiac Arrest in Healthy 20 y/o Following HPV Vaccination

A 20-years-old healthy female developed new-onset cardiac abnormalities discovered on a routine primary care visit, when she received her 2nd dose of the HPV vaccine. The patient had no significant past medical history apart from hypothyroidism, a single episode of febrile seizure at the age of 2 and receiving the first dose of HPV vaccine 3 weeks prior. In previous routine medical visits by various healthcare providers there was no indication of an irregular heartbeat or an arrhythmia. There was no family history of heart disorders or sudden cardiac death. During this visit to her new adult primary care doctor, a baseline physical examination revealed irregular heart rhythm. An ECG was performed showing frequent premature ventricular complexes and ST abnormalities (Figure 1). The patient had another abnormal ECG a week later during a follow up visit, which similarly demonstrated premature aberrantly conducted complexes and a marked ST abnormality. An echocardiogram was negative for any structural heart anomalies. Finally, a week following her third vaccination with the HPV vaccine, the patient started to experience dizziness, joint pain and unusual fatigue. Less than 3 weeks later, she was found dead from a cardiac arrest during her night sleep. A full autopsy analysis revealed no anatomical, histological, toxicological, genetic or microbiological findings that might be linked to a potential cause of death.

Evidence of increased risk of sudden/cardiac related deaths in association with the HPV vaccine

The first larger post-licensure analysis of side effets using the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database [7] identified 32 deaths among 12,424 HPV Vaccine-related reports received during the period from June 1, 2006 to December 31, 2008. Out of these 32 deaths, at least 6 were cardiac-related deaths, confirmed by autopsy reports and medical records. The rate of these cardiac deaths did not produce a significant safety signal.

The median time from the last HPV vaccination to death was 14.5 days, a time-frame consistent with our case, in which the death occurred less than three weeks after HPV vaccine administration. We have conducted a search in the VAERS database in order to evaluate the current number of death cases related to HPV vaccination. We were surprised to find out a total number of 292 cases (Table 1), out of them there were 2 cases of cardiac death and 11 more cases of sudden death.


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